Case Study

Columbus Bridge

Columbus Bridge Case prior to any treatment.

Photo 1 These teeth are all mobile and a full clearance is needed, vertical height will be recorded before teeth are removed. An Impression of the teeth is taken at this stage and a temporary setup and stent made by us before returning to surgery.

Photo 2 Occlusal view of excess holes at palatal areas. Note it is important that the implants are placed with a slight palatal angle or that the angle is corrected with low profile abutment at the second stage. Low profile abutments are placed with a slight palatal angle so screw access does not come through the teeth buccaly.

Photo 3 Showing overbite and overjet on a denar articulator.

Photo 4 Anterior view showing the overbite and overjet on the articulator.

Photo 5 X-Ray of the Columbus bridge in situ showing fit at implant level.

Photo 6 The Columbus Bridge is fitted and the patient’s smile says it all.

This will be placed for six months and after the tissue has settled, a final milled bridge will be placed.

Finished Columbus Bridge
Finished Columbus Bridge
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