Full Arch Milled in Zirconia

Digitisation of dentistry is happening now and the changes are spectacular. Advancements in technology have brought a wave of digital solutions that we can provide for the progressive restorative dentist.

We at McDowell + Service continually place ourselves at the leading edge of technology utilising the highly commendable 3shape scanners and their software CAD systems resulting in highly accurate fitting, highly accurate detailed restorations in a multitude of high quality materials.

All-ceramic restorations have been known for their durability and aesthetics, but not for their economy – until now. Never have all-ceramics been this convenient or affordable. We offer CAD/CAM systems that can help you create all-ceramic restorations, from the initial design to actual milling using our very own in-house milling centre.

An ever increasing number of dental practitioners are looking at the latest intra oral scanners to incorporate into their daily practice.

We at McDowell + Service are able to accept and process your digital impressions so providing you and your practice to increase productivity, efficiency, provide more indications and materials and create high quality prostheses, while at the same time dramatically increasing the level of surgery-laboratory communication at the touch of a button.

McDowell and Service Dental Laboratory is TRIOS ready.

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Our 3Shape Communicate e-mail is:

We can accept many systems including:- Carestream, iTero, Cerec etc. And all intraoral scanner files in STL format.

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  • Restoration Types

  • Technical Information

  • FAQS

  • Milling Materials

    We can mill a wide range of materials including Wax, PMMA, Zirconia etc.

  • Digital Model Scanning

    We now offer a model scanning service to convert all your existing patient models into 3-D images. We can send them back to you via email or on a CD or pen drive, enabling you easy access to those images.
    When required we can print your 3-D models on site and deliver to your surgery.

    3Shape 3D Viewing Software

    With this simple 3Shape 3D viewing software you can View, Rotate and Articulate models that we have scanned. We will email a link to download your models.

    3Shape 3D Viewer Setup Software

    3Shape Ortho Viewing Software

    With this more Advanced Windows Orthodontic 3D viewing software you can View, Rotate, Measure, Articulate and Change Model Textures. We will email you or send a link to download models.

    3Shape Ortho Viewer Setup Software

    We can even send you a scanned model email or link that will open and rotate on your iPhone. ( An option will appear “Copy to i3D Viewer” after installing this free
    i3D Viewer App )

  • DropBox

    To send Scan Files add DropBox Account

    When sending Digital Scan Files please download and save our digital Scan Form
    Fill it in and save it to DropBox along with the Scan Flies.

  • View your Own 3D STL files by dropping them below

  • 3D Model Printing

    We can 3D Print a an exact copy of your plaster models or from an archived digital model scan. We can return this model to you.

    (we can print any 3D STL file)

  • CAD/CAM Beams and Bars

    Maximum comfort with aesthetics, we offer a fixed solution for maximum comfort and high aesthetics. With McDowell + Service you receive the precision needed for the success and longevity of your restoration. We offer screw-retained implant bridges as well as implant bars for fixed prostheses.

  • Evolution-Z Layered Zirconia Restorations

    Evolution-Z Layered Zirconia restorations, including crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays, have been developed with aesthetics, reliability and biocompatibility in mind.
    Evolution-Zr restorations are metal-free and highly translucent, giving a more natural appearance than metal bonded to porcelain restorations, which can produce a dark line at the gumline.
    Because Evolution-Z restorations are made from zirconia, a highly biocompatible material which has been used in medical treatments for many years; they can be placed next to tissue without any gum reaction or irritation.
    Evolution-Z Layered Zirconia restorations are amongst the strongest and most durable in dentistry, with a flexural strength of over 1200 MPa. These restorations are designed and milled using modern CAD/CAM technology, then skilfully hand finished by our dental technicians.
    Unrivalled in natural beauty and fit.

  • ArtiZan Zirconia

    ArtiZan Zirconia has unparalled flexural strength. It is an all-ceramic alternative designed specifically to meet posterior high load demands. ArtiZan Zirconia is a Monolithic, solid medical grade Zirconia for crowns, bridges or inlays without the porcelain overlay. They are hard sintered and virtually unbreakable with excellent long-term durability ideal for bruxers and grinders.

  • Implants

    Zirconia custom abutments offer the best aesthetic solution for cement and screw retained implant prosthetics and are strong enough to be used in all positions in the mouth.
    Zirconia abutments work on most major implant platforms, giving you the freedom to choose the best solution for your patient.
    Using our unique virtual abutment design software, we design individual zirconia abutments within the final tooth shape. The result is an abutment with outstanding function and aesthetics, and the restorative procedure is simple with reduced chair time. It will also eliminate the need for inventory of stock abutments and have a fixed cost custom abutment since no precious metals are used.
    The CAD construction of abutments allows greater accuracy when designing emergence angles and paths of insertion. The highly polished zirconia collar provides better acceptance to the soft tissues and produces an exceptional aesthetic abutment for single and multiple cases.
    We can provide fully customised Zirconia abutments complete with screw and finished zirconia crown.
    The best aesthetic cement and screw retained implant prosthetic.

  • Bio-Titanium

    Titanium’s resilience, biological and chemical inertness and low weight makes it ideal for all dental restorations, from porcelain bonded to titanium crowns and bridges, removable partial dentures to implant bars and abutments.

  • Cad 10 Unit Temporary Bridge

    This screen capture shows a 10 unit temporary bridge in design stage, using 3 Shape software highlighting the acuracy that can be achieved from the virtual articulator.

  • Cad 3shape Virtual Articulator

    A screen capture of the 3shape Virtual articulator in use.

  • Cad 3Unit Framework with Gum

    3 unit Zirconia framework with gum section highlighting the versatility of Zirconia in Cad Cam restorations.

Download Technical Information in the form of PDFs Below

Download Technical Information

  • Scan Form (PDF)

    Download >
  • Crown + Bridge Prescription Docket (PDF)

    Download >
  • TRIOS Ready Laboratory Certificate. (PDF)

    Download >
  • Zirconia Oxide Material DataSheet NexxZr (PDF)

    Download >
  • Biomet3I Platinum Certificate 2011 (PDF)

    Download >
  • Biomet3I Platinum Certificate 2013 (PDF)

    Download >
  • 3Shape 3DViewer Setup Software.Zip (PDF)

    Download >
  • 3Shape Ortho Viewer Setup Software.Zip (PDF)

    Download >
  • Crown and Bridge Restoration Comparison Chart (PDF)

    Download >

What Intra-oral scans systems can you accept?

There are so many different scanner systems that it would be best to contact and she will try to accommodate you.

We can currently receive these systems if the scans can be exported in these formats

  • 3Shape Communicate Order Exchange (.3OXZ)
  • 3M Lava True Definition Digital Impression (.ULDC)
  • ITero (.Folder)
  • Planscan (.3OXZ)
  • Sirona CEREC (.3SE & .3SI)
  • CareStream (.STL)
  • UDX (.UDX)

Can you produce digital scans from my plaster models?

Yes, we can scan plaster models and return them to you as 3D - STL files (stereolithography file format). You can then Rotate View and even Articulate using the 3D file viewer software. It’s best to sends us models in bulk (20+) and cheaper.
We can dispose of or return your models. We can also print your models onsite.

Can you print models that I have had scanned?

Yes, we can print your models on site even if they haven’t been scanned with us.
We can print anything in 3D - .STL format.

Can I send you files using Email / DropBox ?

Yes, we accept files using email and through our website. We also have different DropBox accounts depending on the type of file you want to send, Photos / STL milling files etc. We can also accept files via CD, USB device, SD card.

Can you take a shade for my patient in your lab?

Yes, we have our own shade taking room.

What tooth preparation is required for ArtiZan Zi?

One advantage of this type of restoration is that the preparation can be slightly more conservative than other all-ceramic or even PFM restorations, with a preparation design similar to that of a full cast metal crown. Margin design should be 0.3-0.5mm chamfer. Avoid a ‘J’ like margin. Functional cusps should be reduced 1.0-1.5mm. Axial walls should taper 6-8 degrees achieving a depth of 1.0mm. Occlusal reduction 1.0-1.5mm on the central groove. AND avoid all sharp line angles as you would with any type of all ceramic tooth preparation.

What is a Zirconia restoration made from?

Zirconia or PFZ is a metal free and highly translucent restoration, resulting in a more natural appearance than a PFM. Because Zirconia restorations are made from Zirconia and overlaid with GC Initial Porcelain, both highly compatible materials which have been used in dental treatments for many years; thus can be placed next to tissue without any gum reaction.

What can I use as a metal-free alternative for a Maryland Bridge?

t is recommended that a Maryland Bridge be constructed as a PFM because it is strong, proven and bondable. However, the problem is a PFM Maryland Bridge is often unaesthetic due the possible ‘shine through’ of the retaining wings. A porcelain fused to zirconia Maryland Bridge is possible and may require a little more tooth preparation than what is usual for a Maryland retainer but zirconia does not etch and there is a history of Zirconia Maryland Bridges de bonding. For the latest information, please contact a technician.

Can I incorporate attachments into the Zirconia frameworks, as in a two part bridge?

All Zirconia framework are manufactured by CAD/CAM systems and as we use the industry Gold standard, 3shape software for design, various types of precision attachments are due to be made available with the very latest software update due to be released in 2015. Therefore, split bridges, combination cases with extra coronal attachments, telescopic copings and much much more will be available very soon.

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