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We are much more than just an Orthodontic Department. Your patients expect the most up-to-date treatment in Orthodontics and here at McDowell + Service, we offer you the complete spectrum of appliances to help you achieve this.

From simple removable appliances incorporating springs and screws to fixed appliances such as Quad Helix, Nance and Rapid Maxillary Expansion, Bonded Palatal and Lingual Retainers. We also manufacture Genuine Essix Retainers to jaw orthopaedic appliances such as Twin Blocks , Medium Open Activators and Bionators.

These can be custom designed and tailored to your specific needs, using nickel-free wire and screws.

McDowell + Service can also help solve many of your patients’ problems relating to dentistry, including headaches, facial and T.M.J. pain, grinding of teeth and discolouration of teeth.

We also manufacture our own brand of highly protective sports mouthguards in a full range of colours and designs. A colour chart is available in the technical information tab or Downloads section.

We can even help you and your partner to get a great night’s sleep with our custom made Anti-Snoring Device.
We are always happy to help with any aspect of Orthodontic treatment you might require.

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  • Bleaching Trays

    Our custom-made bleaching trays are manufactured from 1mm soft vinyl material. They are available with or without reservoirs and can be finished with a scalloped or skirted edge, depending on your preference.

  • Night Guards

    As the name suggests these are Splints which are worn at night to protect the teeth from clenching and grinding. Normally they are worn over the lower teeth but can also be manufactured to fit the upper teeth.

    We offer three types of pressure-formed Night Guards.
    3mm Soft Bruxism Splint, which is most easily tolerated by the patient.
    2mm Hard Pressure-formed Bruxism Splint.
    3mm Combination Splint, which is soft on the fitting surface and hard on the biting surface.

  • Anti-Snoring Device

    Snoring occurs when the loose muscle tissue in the back of the throat relaxes during sleep, narrowing the airway. As air is forced through the shrunken airway it produces vibration in the back of the throat, ie snoring. An Anti-Snoring Device postures the lower jaw forward, thus keeping the airway fully open and allowing the free passage of air without vibration.

    Anti-Snoring Devices are constructed from a dual-laminate material which is pressure-formed over the upper teeth, normally 5 to 5. Attached to this upper mouthguard is an acrylic jig which positions the lower jaw forward, thus increasing the opening at the back of the throat.

  • Custom Appliances

    We design and fabricate removable orthodontic appliances to individual patient requirements, using nickel-free, stainless steel wire, springs and screws, all housed within an acrylic baseplate.
    Removable appliances are suitable for tipping teeth and expansion.

  • Retainers

    We offer two types of Retainers: Removable and Fixed.

    Removable include traditional Hawley Retainers, which incorporate a labial bow, two Adam’s cribs and an acrylic baseplate. Also Essix Retainers, which are pressure formed using clear plastic Essix ACE material.

    Fixed Retainers are a more long-term solution for holding the teeth in place. They are made from stainless steel, multi strand wire which is fitted to the back of the teeth 3-3.
    They are supplied with a Fitting Jig to aid placement.

    It is vital retainers are worn after orthodontic treatment to ensure teeth are held in their new position while ligaments, bones and gums adapt.

  • Fixed Appliances

    We construct various Fixed Appliances for anchorage, arch expansion or space maintenance. Most appliances can be laser welded reducing the need for the use of solder, which can degrade in the patients’ mouth.

  • Functional Appliances

    These appliances alter the mandible/maxilla position. During patient growth, functional appliances work by using the muscle action of the patient to create orthodontic force. The most commonly prescribed functional appliance is the Twin Block. This consists of upper and lower appliances with angled blocks. When worn together they encourage the lower jaw to grow to full potential thus correcting Class ll Malocclusion. Construction requires upper and lower impressions and a protrusive bite registration.

  • Study Models: Angled Trimmed

    Angled Trimmed Study Models are poured from a vacuum-mixed super-white orthodontic stone and are angle trimmed to exact bite relationships. They are then hand sculpted, sanded smooth and polished to a high finish.

  • Study Models: Basic

    Basic Study Models are poured in yellow stone, then trimmed in articulation and sanded to a smooth finish.

  • Orthodontic Splints

    More heavy-duty bite splints are used to treat patients that suffer muscle pain from chronic clenching or Bruxing. These splints are manufactured from hard orthodontic resin and can include Adam’s Cribs for retention or a soft fitting surface for comfort. They are normally 3-4mm in thickness and are trimmed with a flat occlusal plane achieving contact with all opposing teeth.

    Gelb Splints are used to treat T.M.J. dysfunction. This lower splint incorporates a chrome lingual bar and ball clasps for retention.

    Stabilisation Splints are used to treat T.M.J. dysfunction and help maintain or stabilise a centric relation prior to restorative work.

    Michigan Splints are made in the maxillary arch and Tanners on the mandibular. These hard, clear acrylic splints both feature canine and anterior guidance with disclusion on excursive movements. We require upper and lower impressions, a facebow registration and a centric relation bite to manufacture these splints.

  • Shockbuster Mouthguards

    A tough, resilient, impact-absorbing mouthguard, which is suitable for all contact sports. The Shockbuster is available in both a standard 4mm thickness and a heavy-duty 5mm thickness.

    The anterior region can also be reinforced with extra lamination if required. A full range of colours and patterns are available to choose from.

    The wearer’s name is incorporated into the inside of the Shockbuster and all mouthguards are supplied with a protective storage case.

  • Selection of Ortho Boxes

    We can provide a selection of Orthodontic boxes in various sizes and colours including glitter effect. They all have their own carry cord and can be supplied separately.

A custom made device means any device specially made in accordance with a duly qualified Medical Practitioners written prescription. Below is some downloadable technicial information relating to all our orthodontic products and their material properties.

Download Technical Information

  • McDowell + Service Mouthguards GAA (PDF)

    Download >
  • Acorn Mouthguard Stripe Sheets (PDF)

    Download >
  • Acorn Mouthguard Surgery Leaflet (PDF)

    Download >
  • Enrkoloc-Pro Blank Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

    Download >
  • Ortho Resin Liquid Clear & Pink (PDF)

    Download >
  • Oracryl Ortho Liquid Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

    Download >
  • Oracryl Ortho Resin Powder Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

    Download >
  • SR Ivocap High Impact Monomer Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

    Download >
  • SR Ivocap High Impact Polymer Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

    Download >
  • Shockbuster Marble Effect Mouthguard 1 (PDF)

    Download >
  • Shockbuster Marble Effect Mouthguard 2 (PDF)

    Download >

What type of Anti-Snoring devices do you make?

We make Proform type Anti-Snoring devices.

What impressions are required for Anti-Snoring devices?

High quality upper and lower impressions must be supplied, with good impression depth of the lower lingual area, as this is where the acrylic positioning jig will be seated.

Do I need to supply a bite registration for an Anti-Snoring device?

Yes, please supply a wax bite registration in a closed, relaxed position. We will then use this wax bite as a starting position.

Can you make Anti-Snoring devices for patients who wear dentures?

The device is designed to fit over the upper teeth 5-5 and rest upon the lower teeth 3-3. Therefore, it is unsuitable for edentulous patients.

How does an Anti-Snoring device work?

Anti-Snoring devices, also known as mandibular advancement devices (MAD), are designed to reposition the lower jaw forward. This increases the airway space at the back of the throat, which should lessen the vibration of the tissue at the back of the throat (snoring).

Is an Anti-Snoring device comfortable to wear?

Yes, but patients may experience slight muscular discomfort for the first 5-10 days of use.

What colour can mouth guards be made in?

Our Shockbuster mouth guards can be manufactured in single colour or a combination of colours, to suit your personal choice or team requirements.

What thickness are your mouth guards?

Mouth guards range from a standard 4mm-5mm in thickness.

Do you make gum shields for boxers and martial arts?

Yes. These type of mouth guards are reinforced in the 3-3 labial area. An upper and lower impression is required to enable a bite to be determined, allowing the lower to occlude into the gum shield.

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