Titanium is the most bio-compatible metal known and is very high tech in the world of dentistry.

It has a variety of applications, not only used in the aerospace industry but also in many different areas of medicine. Titanium forms a passive and protective oxide coating which increases its corrosion resistance and so is a compatible alternative for patients with allergies.

For our partial dentures, we use the Titan brand of titanium obtaining absolute bio-compatibility due to its high chemical purity which is a minimum of 99.5%.
Our dental frameworks are cast using Grade 4 titanium and have higher figures of elongation, proof stress and elasticity.

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  • Titanium Frameworks

    Our Titanium Denture Frameworks are ideal for patients with allergies to metals due to titanium’s high biocompatibility, they are more successful when used for full plates or simple lightweight designs. Appearance is much like Chrome although not as high a shine.

  • CAD/CAM Beams and Bars

    Maximum comfort with aesthetics, we offer a fixed solution for maximum comfort and high aesthetics. With McDowell + Service you receive the precision needed for the success and longevity of your restoration. We offer screw-retained implant bridges as well as implant bars for fixed prostheses.

  • Bio-Titanium

    Titanium’s resilience, biological and chemical inertness and low weight makes it ideal for all dental restorations, from porcelain bonded to titanium crowns and bridges, removable partial dentures to implant bars and abutments.

  • Laser Welding

    Laser Welding

    Any dental material with a high melting point as well as
    high heat conductivity can be welded using our laser. Due to the small amount
    of molten material needed and the short, controllable melting period we can
    usually weld just about anything to anything, even adding retention and clasps
    millimeters from acrylc work, without affecting it.

    The Laser beam provides a concentrated heat source,
    allowing for narrow, deep welds with greater strength than the material. The
    laser welder polishing setting enables us to create virtually seamless weld

Download Technical Information in the form of PDFs Below

Download Technical Information

  • Titanium Titan Grade1 Biocompatibility (PDF)

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  • Titanium Tritan Grade1 Biocompatibility (PDF)

    Download >
  • Titanium Tritan Technical Data 989-641-10 (PDF)

    Download >
  • Acetal Resin Dental TSM Safety Sheet (PDF)

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I have a patient who is very allergic to everything even chrome. Could I use titanium?

Titanium Alloy
Titanium Alloy

Yes, our Grade 4 titanium is one of the most bio-compatible materials known used in everything from dental implants to hip joints

I have a case with a difficult bite where there is limited space would titanium be better?

No, titanium is best used for simple non intricate denture designs such as large plates so as to take full advantage of its strength to weight properties (lightness).

Why is titanium not as shiny as chrome?

Titanium is a very pure material with different properties from any chrome alloy. It is also quite dull in colour and so not shiny in nature, we make it as shiny as we can.

Why is a titanium framework more expensive than a chrome framework?

This is because the manufacturing material costs and specialised machinery requirements are greater. Titanium manufacturing is time consuming and very specialised as titanium must be cast in an argon chamber in an inert environment.

Titanium Casting Machine With Inert Argon Chamber
Titanium Casting Machine With Inert Argon Chamber

Can you add to a titanium framework similar to a chrome framework?

Yes we can although titanium will only weld to titanium. Any additional gold / wrought clasps must be added into the denture acrylic work.

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