With 23 GDC registered technicians working alongside each other specialising in a full range of aesthetic restorations, McDowell + Service is Ireland’s major employer of dental technicians and places high emphasis on continued training and education to ensure the highest level of quality and service delivered to dentists.


McDowell + Service is an award-winning full service dental laboratory located in an easily accessible estate on the periphery of Belfast, primarily serving dental clinicians and laboratories throughout Ireland and the UK. In quality, technical expertise, professional development and teamwork, this industrious medium-sized laboratory stands apart. It is a three time winner of the UK Dental Awards, which acknowledge achievement and recognised excellence within the dental industry. McDowell + Service is one of just a few laboratories in the UK to have achieved IS0 9001 certification. McDowell + Service is also accredited by the Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme (DAMAS) and Investors in People (IIP). Additionally, all technicians are registered with the General Dental Council. These credentials differentiate the laboratory’s restorations from those made in China, where the industry is unregulated and products are of inconsistent quality. McDowell + Service customers, on the other hand, can be assured of the laboratory’s commitment to quality, patient safety, and to maintaining high standards as both a supplier and employer.

The laboratory was originally set up in the 1970s by Miles McDowell and Robert Service, both talented and ambitious dental technicians. The business grew rapidly and was incorporated in 2000 when 10 McDowell + Service employees bought the company. The long-established senior management team, who are as cohesive and ambitious as the original owners, includes Director Jesse Morrow, (crown and bridge), followed by Directors Nicholas McKelvie (chrome), Jennie Cochrane (administration). Managing Director Stephen Ginn (crown and bridge) and Barry Cumberland (chrome).

Since incorporation, the company has grown to include 23 registered dental technicians assisted by five administrative staff and subdivided into specialist areas: crown, bridge and implants (metal, ceramics and CAD/CAM), removable prosthodontics; orthodontics and chrome frameworks. This wealth of technical proficiency and experience enables McDowell + Service to handle highly complex cases that require multi-disciplinary expertise. For example, this is the only laboratory in Ireland qualified to offer the Columbus Bridge Protocol, a unique solution for immediate full arch rehabilitation, developed by the University of Genoa. Technicians are proficient in the All on 4 technique where a full arch of teeth is replaced in one visit requiring a senior technician to attend surgery.

McDowell + Service provides valuable technical advice and consultancy to dentists, supporting them in patient consultations. Further, clinicians value their training workshops on specific products, which take place at the laboratory, and Lunch + Learn sessions, which take place in dental practices. These lunchtime sessions cover the full range of restorations as well as preparation and bonding techniques.

McDowell + Service is able to maintain its position at the forefront of technology through seminars, Intentional dental showcases and online training. This assures the laboratory is up to date on new equipment, materials, processes and trends in the UK and around the world.

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“Acrylic Department excellent, great occlusal splints, great cast posts, great provisional Marylands and immediate dentures”

Dr J Fearon Naas, Ashgrove Dental Clinic

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